Introducing: My Mess of a Life

I’ve been a college graduate for two weeks and, despite a lot of finger crossing, my diploma doesn’t appear to be coming with a road map on the back of it. So until I get my whole life planned out (I figure I’ve got 50 or 60 years for that), I’m taking the advice of a wise man: Sir Ben Kingsley.

It’s great living. Get your heart broken, find yourself face down in the gutter, get your pulse up, make a real mess of a life. -The Wackness

Okay, so it was his character who said it. And, true, his character was a sad, aging druggie who let his high-school client exchange weed for therapy. That aside, however, I think it’s some pretty sage advice for those of us with a crumpled up cap and gown, a hard drive filled with now-useless college papers and a lot of life left to live.

So with that, I’m starting in on this mess of a life, with the supposition that “making a mess” doesn’t have to be the same as “messing up” (although I expect there will be some of that too). I plan to post about the things I’m doing, the adventures I’m on and the messes I make.

Wish me luck?


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