Five-Year Plan

I’ve never really had a five-year plan. My excuse is that I’m planning on things being un-plannable. Cop-out excuse? Perhaps, but I’m sticking with it. Current plans include the rest of my trip to San Francisco, job applications, time in New York TBD, taking the GRE, a cousin’s wedding and a whole lot of cooking. Other than that? Beats me.

I did, however, invest in my own version of a five-year plan.

I’m currently on an extended trip to San Francisco (more on that to come), and after browsing the SFMOMA gift shop I bought this five year journal. It has enough space for a few lines about your day, and when you get through a year your entries begin again under the ones you’ve already written. I like the idea that you can easily see what you were doing exactly a year before. I’m thinking for now that’s all the five-year plan I’ve got in me.

My five year journal and the book I'm currently reading

You can find your own five-year journal here.


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