Out the car window in wine country

Driving through wine country

I’m finally back from my two week post-graduation trip to California. I planned the trip to visit Patrick and start my San Francisco job search, but we all know those are just code words for “two week vacation”. To start that vacation we went up to Healdsburg in Wine Country where it’s acceptable to drink wine at noon and there’s cheese at every meal. Really good cheese. Jealous?

Patrick at a wine and cheese pairing

Wine and cheese pairing

The rest of my trip consisted of some job searching, some museums and more food than a 5’3 person should ever consume. I ate enough tacos to tide me over until the next time I’m around reasonable Mexican food. Providence does a lot of things well but Mexican food is not one of them.

Now I’m back home and have to keep chugging on job searching, not to mention start studying for the GRE. If I weren’t writing this while watching an episode of 30 Rock and eating a slice of tiramisu I’d say the vacation was over.


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