My First Lobster, and a Weekend To-Do List

A legal seafood steamed lobster

My first whole lobster!

Boston for Lobster

Last night after a day of avoiding the heat my family met up in Boston to take one of my best friends out to dinner before she leaves for the Peace Corps for 27 months (fun fact: I thought it was the Peace Core until at least Freshman year of college). My dad and I met up with my mom and brother, both of whom work in Boston, and headed over to Legal Harborside where we met Adrienne.

Good seafood, good drinks and good company always make for a great night. But I also had fun eating my first whole lobster. I’m some sort of failure of a New Englander, because while I’d had lobster rolls and lobster ravioli before, I’d never eaten a whole lobster.

Trepidatious (I keep trying to make that a word..), I put on my bib and picked up my mini-fork. Turns out, I’m terrible at cracking and eating lobster. I’m pretty sure everyone around me was looking at me in disgust at my inability to pry out more than a bit at a time. But I did have a damn good time trying.

Me at Legal Seafood

You can see the sense of foreboding in my smile..

I enjoyed my lobster, but perhaps not quite as much as this guy.

Reveling in his lobster bake bliss

All in all it was a great night. I stayed in Boston with Adrienne while the working folks headed home. I sometimes forget how nice it is to spend time in Boston, particularly when it’s just a short train ride away. In fact, I discovered today that the MBTA commuter rail from Boston to Providence is the perfect length for reading a copy of Elle cover-to-cover, and I had time to spare to eat some Bourbon chicken and get dirty looks from the people around me. A successful train ride indeed.

Back in Providence for the weekend, and hopefully it’ll cool off for a nicer weekend.

And now for a roundup of my weekend essentials.


The Sandlot. Now that summer has finally arrived, I immediately want to watch this summer classic and eat some s’mores.


This article on the Lebron James grudge–perhaps if I weren’t still bitter about the Celtics losing, it’d be easier to move on.


I’m currently in love with this peach relish. It’s so refreshing, and in the hot weather I could eat it on just about anything.


These summer playlists put together by everyone from Questlove to Animal Collective are great. I may compile a few of them into one giant spotify summer playlist

As for the one song I can’t get out of my head? Miranda Lambert’s Gunpowder & Lead.


Essie has me hooked on their bright colors right now. I’m absolutely loving the Turquoise and Caicos and the Braziliant.


2 thoughts on “My First Lobster, and a Weekend To-Do List

  1. If you ever want some lobster eating lessons I would be glad to help you out. We’ve got some good seafood places here if you feel like visiting. Also, sandlot is one of my favorite summer movies and I secretly judge people who don’t get the reference when I say “you’re killing me, Smalls.”

    Love the blog, it makes it feel like I am enjoying one of our chats in the living room. Miss you and the zog tons.

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