Mess Conquered, and Weekend Essentials

Mess organized!

I conquered the mess!! My boxes have found a home, my clothes have drawers and hangers and I organized my nail polish by color. So the essentials are taken care of. It feels nice to be settled into my room, and gave me time to focus on things like GRE flashcards and working on my current sketchbook.

Look Ma, folded and everything!

I did, however, notice one thing when I was going through my closet: when I like a color I really like it. There’s a difference between realizing you like certain styles (bright colors and vibrant prints mixed with black) and realizing your wardrobe is shockingly dominated by two color schemes.

I may need to stop buying clothes in the same shade of blue…

Smurf city bitch, smurf smurf city bitch

…and I may need to branch out of the pink/magenta family for dresses.

Pink on pink on pink

Erm, yeah, I’ll work on that.

Now that my life feels a bit more organized, I’m heading to Maine for the weekend to relax, swim, canoe, kayak and undoubtedly eat my face off. I leave you with my weekend essentials.

Kick off your weekend


Trailer Park Boys. It’s a Canadian mockumentary TV show about a group of people living in a trailer park. I watched most of the series one weekend visiting Patrick and laughed my ass off. I just now finished the rest of the series since it’s all on Netflix.


This fem-tastic article about the heartbreak of a 10-year-old girl thinking she’s fat.

Also, Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. I picked it up to reread today and it tugged (as it always does) at my animal-loving heartstrings. If you’ve ever loved a dog with all your heart you must read this very, very short book. If you’ve never loved a dog with all your heart then that’s a real bummer.


Another warm weekend calls for very little cooking and this recipe for Asian Ginger Carrot Dressing would make for an easy, cool salad.


De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising. It’s impossible to listen to this CD and not enjoy yourself while you’re listening. I have a particular weakness for Eye Know and Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin’s Revenge).


I’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and fallen in love with this turquoise necklace from J Crew. Fun for summer, plus you can tell your friends you’re so on trend.


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