July: My Month of Travel


I know I complain a lot about getting bored at home and wanting a job, but it’s actually turning out to be a pretty well-planned summer. After getting back from California, I spent most of June in Providence with family and friends. July, however, has become my month of much-needed, well-timed travel. It’s not the traveling to other countries travel I might have wanted, and it’s not exploration or traveling to new places. But I just got back from a trip to Florida, am headed to New York tomorrow, and head back to San Francisco next week. And let me tell you, all the packing and unpacking bags has given me the serious travel bug.

So, knowing myself, I’m going to post about traveling a good amount for the rest of this month. I thought I’d start off with a link to this stellar travel blog Legal Nomads and the author’s Practical Travel Tips (originally sent to me by Patrick when I was feeling particularly in need of an adventure). Though mostly applicable to travel abroad, but it’s a pretty great set of tips, from the highly practical (#8: Oranges are the perfect public transportation snack) to more keep-in-mind advice (#11: People are more alike than you think).

Sage advice from Legal Nomads

Sometimes when I start getting overwhelmed by wanderlust I skim through various posts on Legal Nomads. The author quit her job as a lawyer and has spent four years traveling the world, which serves as a great reminder that it’s never too late to for big adventures.

A couple other travel blogs I like? A Big Life and What an Amazing World!, although in general I like any travel blog that lights a fire under my ass to start traveling more.

Get excited for me to inundate you with various travel wishlists, travel tips and other travel-related topics. After all, the GRE isn’t exactly riveting blog material, and I need something to get my mind off of it.

(Image found via Pinterest)


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