Hidden Trails Hiking Tours

Arrived in NY

As predicted, the very act of getting on the train has led to an uncontrollable travel bug bubbling up in me. What did I spend last night doing? Looking at hostels in Montreal and trains between Montreal and Quebec. Looking at hiking trips through Wales. Checking flight prices to London (my sin, my soul).

I know, I know, I’m in New York and should focus on one short trip at a time, seeing my friends and whatnot. But I can’t help it, I’m a multi-tasking million-things-on-the-brain kind of person and right now 999,999 of those things on my mind are travel-related (the other is what I’m going to eat for lunch).

I thought I’d share one of the interesting travel ideas I got from my Aunt. She did a hiking tour of Romania, and while that’s not super high on my list, she pointed me to Hidden Trails, an organization that does guided or self-guided hiking tours through various countries. On a lot of the trips they’ll set up lodging and meals as well as transporting your luggage from place to place. The main thing the organization does is actually a series of horseback riding trips, however those tend to be a little pricier. But some of the hiking tours are less expensive than other travel options I’ve looked at and they look awesome.

An image from a Hidden Trails hiking tour in France

I would absolutely love to do one of the trips in Greece, Italy, Peru or the UK. Now I just need to find someone to hop on board with me..

For now I’m thinking I may try to go to Quebec for a bit in August to temporarily sate my appetite for travel. I’ve never really done any solo travel aside from my semester abroad, which wasn’t really solo if you consider that I was all set up at university with a dorm and plans and all that jazz. So I figure the North American continent is a good place to start before I work my way up to real solo travel. But we’ll see if that actually happens.

For now, however, I should probably focus on enjoying whatever city I’m in. Starting with getting lunch..


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