Olympic Weekend Essentials

The 12-year-old girl in me still wants to grow up to be her

I admit it, I’ve been infected with Olympic Fever. Not having a job makes this a lot easier, since I can pretty much watch every event. Yesterday I sat and watched Women’s Judo because, well, why not? I’ve discovered within me a strange ability to care about white water kayaking, and my love of watching gymnastics and love of watching water sports have met in the middle at synchronized diving. In short, the Olympics are awesome.

And, yes, I’m one of those people who whine about the NBC coverage (they didn’t even show the Russians on the podium getting bronze and silver in the women’s gymnastics all-around, panning right to Gabby Douglas). But I also play right into their hand by watching all four hours of prime time coverage.

So in honor of the Olympics I’m doing an extended roundup of Olympic-related Weekend Essentials.

Get your national pride on this weekend


The Olympics, silly! Although, if you’re feeling NBC fatigue you can extend that Olympic spirit with a little movie break–Miracle, anyone? There’s no way you can watch Miracle and not get wrapped up in a little bit of USA chanting. Or, if you’re pressed for time, just watch this forever adorable video of the little boy reenacting the Herb Brooks Miracle speech.


There is no lack of Olympic coverage to read, but in my opinion the Grantland articles have been great. Check out this piece by Brian Phillips on Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics. It’s an entertaining read, but also raises some interesting points about issues around the sport, including gender and intensity. He notes that it’s often the female sports that are relegated to the “It’s not a sport” category (e.g. rhythmic gymnastics), despite the fact that they require extraordinary skill and athleticism.



There are a lot of options here. The most obvious, of course, is to eat Olympic-themed food. Check out Six Sisters’ Stuff for a great roundup of various Olympic snacks, from Olympic ring cookies and donuts to Olympic torch cupcakes.

Snacking in style

If you’re not particularly interested in baking Olympic goodies, there’s always the pretend-you’re-in-London route. Eat fish and chips and drink a cold beer (or cider if you’re me). This also gives you the opportunity to go to a pub or sports bar where you can be surrounded by aggressive amounts of Olympic spirit.

Grease in its finest form


Pretty much your only option here is to listen to the Chariot’s of Fire song on repeat. Ideally you’d run down a beach while listening, but you can substitute pretty much any slow-motion action and be fine.

If you’re trying to get into Olympic shape, however, you can check out these workout playlists from Women’s Health. I spent half of last night making some workout playlists of my own since mine were a little tired, and they actually have me a little tiny bit excited to work out (but not that much..).


I highly recommend getting your Olympic sparkle on in a gold, silver or bronze dress that is wholly inappropriate for summer. Topshop can deck you out out in this entirely sequined dress that has the benefit of being the color of a medal with the pizazz of a gymnast’s hair glitter.

Be the medal

As with food, however, you’re not without options. Getting into the Olympic style here in the States might require more patriotic apparel.


My personal favorite approach, however, is to watch the Olympics casually in this Vivienne Westwood Union Jack gown, paying tribute to England and the London Olympic Games. Nothing screams “sports fan” like a floor length gown.

With all the money saved not going to the Olympics it makes sense to spend $3800 on this dress


While you’re watching you may just want to support athleticism in general, forgoing national pride. In that case, Ashish has the sweatshirt for you. And while you’re at it you may want to check out the nail art of Olympic swimmers. I know that personally this option (wearing a sweatshirt and painting my nails while watching the Olympics) is the most likely plan for my weekend.

No need to pick sides with this look

I apologize for the excessive amount of Olympics-related links you were just inundated. Can you tell I’ve gotten a little to into it? #TeamGabby

Go forth and get into the spirit Or don’t.. whatever..

(Image sources: Gabby Douglas, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Olympic ring cookies, Fish and Chips, Clothing images from associated links)


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