Touchdown in SF: Pretty Lights & Yoga Plans

I’m back in San Francisco and back to actually doing things other than hanging out with my parents, which means I have more to share than just online shopping and Beyonce. I’ve spent a lot of time looking up things to do in San Francisco so I can make the most of it, and have spent even more time looking at apartments and sublets on Craigslist. Even thinking about moving is exhausting, I can’t imagine what the actual move will entail (notice I said “will” and not “would”–more determined than ever to finally start a life).

This weekend I went to a Pretty Lights concert that the boyf bought me a ticket to for my birthday. I had been wanting to go see him for a looong time now, and it was great show. Well worth the wait.

I hadn’t been to a concert all summer and this definitely got me itching to go to more shows. The biggest problem is that I often seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time in terms of tours for artists I like. I also don’t know the different venues in SF, so I have to rely on other sources to find concerts (, tourfilter, local publications).

I have, however, found other things I’m itching to do in SF. Top of my list is a visit to Yoga to the People since my brand new yoga mat just arrived (happy birthday to me). I love that it’s pay what you can, and while I’ll probably pay the recommended $10, it’s nice to know that jobless as I am I can still go to yoga even when I don’t have $10 to spend. Plus it’s not a bad walk from Patrick’s so I can get a nice walk in on the way.

More on my “SF To Do List” to come…


2 thoughts on “Touchdown in SF: Pretty Lights & Yoga Plans

  1. Yay! SF is such a fun place to be active and see lots of music! If you can see a show at the Fox in Oakland, I highly recommend it. They fancied it up and has great sound and visuals, but not too big or expensive. I saw MIA there (she was disappointing but the venue rocks!) and TVOTR! Also, I always wanted to rent a bike and ride the ferry to Angel Island which is cooler and less touristy than alcatraz. Have fun in my favorite city! Also, get Philz coffee. DO IT!

    • Funnily enough I just got Philz coffee the other day! Thanks for all the suggestions though, I need to get crackin on seeing and doing more stuff here

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