Some Life Updates

Unrelated picture of this weekend’s trip to Napa

When I came out to San Francisco a couple weeks ago I came out on a one-way ticket, thinking I would either find a job or buy the ticket I needed home when all my options fell through and I was eaten alive by the city. But lucky me I am now the proud owner of a job and am in the middle of the exhausting SF apartment search.

I want to say that it has alleviated my anxiety and that I’m now confident that my life is totally on track. That would also be a big fat lie. In fact, apartment searching is almost as daunting as job searching has been, and the San Francisco housing hunt is notoriously difficult right now. I know my friends in New York are probably rolling their eyes thinking nothing can be as bad as “the city.” To them I say YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. The people who post craigslist ads for $1000/month dark, dingy rooms in non-charming neighborhoods demand that we wow them with our personalities and looks because, ya know, they can. I gloss over any ad that lists a super inexpensive room because it’s inevitably a scam. Plus I watched clips from To Catch A Predator this weekend and now I’m 100% convinced that every room I’m going to see is just a trap set by a predator who wants to murder and skin me. And don’t even get me started on the mess that is going to be getting my stuff from one coast to the other.

Housing anxieties aside, I’m excited to have a place to go and things to do and responsibilities during the week. And I start Wednesday, which is also my birthday, so it’ll be quite the day. I’ve been promised birthday tacos by a certain boyfriend, and the absence of tacos will be just about the only way my day can be ruined (and clearly now I’ll know if he didn’t read this). Today and tomorrow are a nice break of bumming in between this past Saturday’s trip to Napa and Wednesday’s job-starting and taco-eating.

That’s all for now, just a life update. Expect more updates throughout the week, and perhaps a tasty muffin-tin recipe..


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