Out to eat: a most dangerous game

I tend to eat out a lot more when I’m in San Francisco, partly because I always feel like I’m in the way in Patrick’s house when I’m cooking and partly because Patrick eats out a lot, and so I wind up doing the same. It’s hazardous to my waistline, and even more troubling for my wallet. However it does mean that I wind up eating a lot of phenomenal food. I have my complaints about this city but a lack of good food is not one of them.

Just last week we went to La Folie for a one-year anniversary/my birthday dinner and it was great. I had to ride the bus there all dressed up and felt totally ridiculous, but it was more than worth an uncomfortable bus ride and some stares. The meal was indulgent and fabulous. Patrick loves tasting menus so we did the chef’s tasting menu, which for once didn’t entail an unfathomable amount of food. Just an unreasonably large amount. With the exception of some rather bland frog’s legs the entire meal was to die for.

What a dapper looking date I had

The standouts for me included the steak which came with a bone marrow custard and a croquette of bearnaise sauce. And then the dessert. Oh, the dessert. I could write a poem about that dessert. On the menu I sort of glanced over it, but when it came it was exactly what I wanted at the end of the meal. We were served olive oil ice cream, a hazelnut sponge cake and some sort of tapioca, all with fresh berries what I, a non-educated food person, can only describe as a fresh-berry cracker? To die for. And while I’m normally a chocolate person I would’ve been way too full for a rich chocolatey dessert.

Post-dessert petit fours

This isn’t the only over-the-top meal we’ve done, and other great places we’ve been include Alexander’s Steakhouse, Gary Danko and, further north, Farmhouse Inn. All delicious, all have left me wanting to die because I ate so much.

But lest you think my life is all ridiculously large and decadent meals, my waistline/wallet have also suffered from some local indulgences: tacos at Dos Piñas, brunch at Plow, burgers at Chez Maman and of course a double-double animal style from In-N-Out. Oh San Francisco, you will be the death of me.

Any good suggestions for my next indulgent meal in San Francisco?


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