Attempted Muffin-Tin Biscuit Pizzas and the Tin-less Recipe

Thanks to Pinterest and the array of cooking blogs that I follow, I can safely say that I’ve hopped on the muffin tin bandwagon. What’s that, you ask? Well, there exists a whole subculture of people (okay, everyone on Pinterest..) who like to cook things in muffin tins. They’re individual sized, good for portion control, and well let’s face it they just scream precious. There are muffin tin lasagnas, muffin tin quiche, and even baked quinoa bites made in muffin tins.

There’s only one problem with the Pinduced muffin tin craze. As blogs like Pintester make abudantly clear, not everything that looks good on Pinterest works well in real life. Case in point: muffin tin biscuit pizzas.

Three flavors and a whole lot of biscuit

I saw these babies in a couple of different places, and thought, “Muffin tins? Canned biscuit dough? Everything I’ve ever wanted.” Since I always have cheese and marinara sauce on hand I figured it’d be a super easy recipe. And in order to class it up, I did different toppings on mine, with a set of plain cheese pizzas, a set of broccoli & ham, and a set with caramelized onion, spinach and goat cheese.

Don’t get me wrong, these were tasty. But they didn’t need to be made in muffin tins. In fact, they would’ve been about a million times better without the muffin tins. Just a baking sheet, biscuits, and pizza-y goodness.


The toppings I chose, however, were fabulous and without fault. If you’re a pizza traditionalist I’d say go for just marinara, cheese and some pepperoni for good measure (though without meat they make a great Meatless Monday option). If you’re feelin fancy like me, the caramelized onion and goat cheese pizzas were amazing, although I’d recommend chopping up the onions so that you don’t pull them all off in one bite. Then broccoli and ham? Fail-proof.

Enjoy my awkward reflection in the plate

Instructions? Well they’re sketchy, but they are as follows.

Impromptu Tin-less Biscuit Pizzas

  • 1 can biscuits
  • Pizza sauce
  • Shredded mozzarella cheese (or cheese of your choosing)
  • Toppings as desired. Options: pepperoni, broccoli, ham, green peppers, onions, goat cheese, spinach

Oven heated according to the instructions on your biscuits.

Pull apart each biscuit into two, unless you want a crazy thick crust that tastes mostly like biscuit with a tiny bit of cheese. There should be a clear dividing point on the biscuit, at least if you use the Grands biscuits. Put the half biscuits on a baking sheet and bake them for about half the time listed on the biscuits (e.g. if they should be baked for 10 minutes, put them in for 5 here).

Take them out, top them with whatever sauce, cheese and toppings you’re going to use, and pop them back in for the rest of the baking time.

If you make them this way you’ll get a lot less of the intense biscuit taste and bit more of a pizza balance. A fabulously easy snack or lunch for when you’re lazy and hungry.


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