October Work Lust

Now that I’m a working woman (erm, kind of) my sprees of online shopping feel way more justified. It doesn’t hurt that my job is online shopping and fashion related. In particular I’ve been looking for work clothes, although let’s be honest I work at a start up so “work clothes” is just veiled language for “clothes I wantz.”

As October rolls in and it’s officially fall I’ve been struck by major Fall Clothing Lust. It’s a thing, look it up. The following (burgundy heavy) choices have made their way to the top of my list, and they’re all totally work appropriate, even if you don’t work somewhere where a sheer shirt and jeans is legit. (All images click through to the original source)

1.) Printed Nanette Lepore Top

Nanette Lepore Seek Your Fortune Silk Top

I seriously love a good print, in an unhealthy way (you may have noticed). I’ve bought some great printed pants and several funky tops in the past month, but this one just calls to me. “Molly… You want me…You need me…” Just like that. Funny how necessities like conditioner or an ironing board never call to me that way.

2.) Trina Turk Plum Pants

Trina Turk Tony Twill Pant in Plum

As I mentioned, the burgundies and crimsons of fall have not-so-stealthily crept into my wardrobe. These in particular have such an old-school Katherine Hepburn feel to them. They’d be perfect October work attire with a simple blouse and structured bag. And speaking of structured bags…

3.) Jewel-Toned Structured Bag

Rebecca Minkoff “ILY” Leather Tote in Lipstick

Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Tote in Cardamom

Okay so at this point I know I could be reading out of the September issue of any fashion magazine, but I can’t help it, I wants what I wants. I’ve fallen head over heels for this trend, and am looking for a good structured bag to replace my far too-summery tote that I’ve been using. I love the structure of the Rebecca Minkoff, but the cardamom Marc Jacobs bag is just such a great fall into winter color.  I feel like with one of these bags I might even look like a grown up. But let’s not push our luck.

4.) Chinese Laundry Pumps

Chinese Laundry Danger Zone Pumps in Nude

I love shoes. Like… a lot. And right now my entire collection of shoes is across the country in a small guest bedroom, cramped under the bed. In the meantime I wear the same pair of black flats to work every days since I only have 3 pairs with me here. My poor shoes (I hear them crying for me at night). So while I wait for Thanksgiving when me and my babies will be reunited and I can ship them to the West Coast to be with mommy (I’m sick, it’s a disease), I’ve been eying fabulous shoes to “enrich” my collection. I love these because they’re totally functional heels for work, but the cap toe makes them a little flashier than your standard pointy-toe pump. In short: I dig em.

5.) Faux-Leather Burgundy Skirt

The Limited’s Faux-Leather Pencil Skirt in Burgundy

Noticing the color trend yet? I swear I have my sights set on other colors, I just can’t help but love the burgundy. But I do love all the leather that’s around this fall. I love it even more when it’s faux leather and no baby cows had to be skinned for my fashion. Just a personal preference. Throw on a cream colored top and some fierce pumps with this skirt and you’re good to go.

So what fall trends have you been lusting after? Now that I’m on this online shopping kick I’ve loved looking up which fall outfits other people are into. Although with the current weather in San Francisco and our Indian Summer I’m starting to doubt whether I’ll need fall clothes anytime soon. What is this place I’ve come to!?

(All images click through to the original source)


One thought on “October Work Lust

  1. OMG ok so, #1, agree with all your lusts. When I moved to LA I fantasized about my new “work wardrobe” but quickly realized working with kids with special needs in the hot hot heat is a recipe for ugly shorts and hair in a bun.
    #2, I NEED NEW BRAS! and am definitely into the whole idea of your company! I think I might try it! good job advertising on the sly 🙂

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