In which she appears for a brief life update

Ugh, that Molly. She’s the worst. She started a blog and then disappeared for two weeks with no good excuse.

No but for serious, I owe a life update at the very least. The past however-long-its-been has consisted of bras, emails, phone calls, homelessness, business cards, podcasts, music (of the Folk Variety–get at me Hardly Strictly Bluegrass), Craigslist, a stomach bug, and a cooking extravaganza.

I’ve been busy working (bras, emails, phone calls, business cards), and it’s awesome being actually busy during the days. I wake up, listen to some NPR on the way in (podcasts), and don’t think about my own personal life until the end of the day. After 22 years of never really getting a break from my own life, it’s kind of nice. The only problem with that is that it leaves me with very little desire to come home and pimp myself out to people with rooms to rent (Craigslist, homelessness). It’s been a good month and a half here now and I’m no closer to having a place to live, which is frustrating on a good day and rip-your-hair-out anxiety-inducing on a bad day. Luckily I’ve still had time to do fun things with the boyf (brunch, music), and have still had time to vom my brains out due to the aforementioned stomach bug. Nothing like a Saturday night of Arrested Development and head-in-toilet.

I bet you so regret reading my blog right about now.

That said, I will have more updates to come, from my favorite current idea for a Halloween costume (get back off the edge of your seats everyone) to the bake-stravo-ganza I had last night (I SAID SIT BACK DOWN, YOU CAN’T HANDLE MY EXCITING LIFE).

I leave you with proof of my life as a semi-real person: a business card.

All businessy and whatnot


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