Plans, Not Resolutions

Another year gone by and I still sometimes update this repository of information about myself. Still feels self-indulgent, still feels good to update.

While the new year may not mean much for some people, and is in general a silly construct, I for one am thrilled to be saying goodbye to 2014. It was full of firsts, but had more than its fair share of bad news and heartache. Not to mention the fact that I have a journal entry that just reads: “This garbage world is on fire.”

In lieu of resolutions and goals, I made a (non-comprehensive) list of some big things from the last year, and bigger things still to come.

Last Year

2014 was the year I:

  • Traveled with family to Hawaii & Bryce Canyon
  • Went to Coachella and saw Outkast
  • Jumped out of a plane with my fearless mother
  • Was reunited with one of my best friends in the world after 2 years
  • Saw Beyonce and Jay-Z in concert
  • Took my first trip to San Diego and several trips to LA
  • Had a Long Island reunion with my college roommates
  • Survived a minor heartbreak
  • Made 5 trips back to the East Coast to be with many of my favorite people
  • Read 30 books (5 shy of my goal)
  • Began trying new things via my “Asks”

This Year

I already have some tentative plans for 2015 including:

  • My second trip to Coachella, this year with Michael
  • Small trips to Carmel and beyond
  • Germany for Oktoberfest and my 25th birthday
  • Making the most of a new relationship
  • Reading 38 books (I’m going meet my goal this year!)
  • Make a dent in my Asks, which include learning to make croissants, painting more, and watching a slew of new shows

I have some loose goals, but most of them have to do with making the most of the friendships I’m lucky enough to have, the city I live in, and the freedom that comes with being an unattached 24-year-old. And maybe to stop being so sappy on here, and go back to being sarcastic and annoying.

Most of my goals can be summed up with the clichéd but ever apt Mary Oliver quote from “When Death Comes” (yes I’m a simp):

 When it’s over, I want to say: all my life

I was a bride married to amazement.

I was a bridegroom, taking the world into my arms.

It, in this case, being 2015.


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