Overdue renewal

Can I be real? I’ve been putting of posting, but not because I have writers block. Not because I’ve been busy at work, although I have. It’s not like nothing has been happening in my life worth writing about. No, I don’t have a reason nearly that legit.

The reason for a mental break from this? My domain was about to expire and I was too lazy to pull out my card and renew it.

But now that that arduous task has been taken care of, I’m ready to post a few life updates and word vomit out some of the thoughts in my head. Not quite yet though. Because, let’s be honest with ourselves: the Tuesday after a long weekend is simply not the time.

So, in lieu of words, here are some pictures from my weekend getaway. The dude and I took a much needed trip out of the city, and found ourselves in Healdsburg, Willits and Little River, only to wind our way back down the coast on the Pacific Coast Highway. We ate and relaxed a whole lot, which are basically my only hobbies when you get right down to it.

I’m heading into the week feeling refreshed, although clearly not too refreshed since I spent a full five minutes trying to figure out how to spell “hire” (higher? hier? hiar?). Here’s hoping your transition back to the real world with real words was smoother than mine!


Introducing: My Mess of a Life

I’ve been a college graduate for two weeks and, despite a lot of finger crossing, my diploma doesn’t appear to be coming with a road map on the back of it. So until I get my whole life planned out (I figure I’ve got 50 or 60 years for that), I’m taking the advice of a wise man: Sir Ben Kingsley.

It’s great living. Get your heart broken, find yourself face down in the gutter, get your pulse up, make a real mess of a life. -The Wackness

Okay, so it was his character who said it. And, true, his character was a sad, aging druggie who let his high-school client exchange weed for therapy. That aside, however, I think it’s some pretty sage advice for those of us with a crumpled up cap and gown, a hard drive filled with now-useless college papers and a lot of life left to live.

So with that, I’m starting in on this mess of a life, with the supposition that “making a mess” doesn’t have to be the same as “messing up” (although I expect there will be some of that too). I plan to post about the things I’m doing, the adventures I’m on and the messes I make.

Wish me luck?