Playing Make-Believe: Decorating My Hypothetical Apartment

Today was one of those days where I was all over the place–errands, lunch with my aunt, rushing back to pick up my dad, booking travel, trying to plan for a hypothtical move, job-related shenanigans and an extensive search for something scrumptious and healthy to make for dinner. All that didn’t stop me from wasting an hour or two on Pinterest, looking at interior decor. I’ve found that in addition to helping me keep track of the billion recipes I want to try, Pinterest is great for planning for that hypothetical apartment that I have after my hypothetical move. Hypothetical life has never been more fun. And don’t even get me started on how lucky the little girls of the world are now to have Pinterest to help plan their hypothetical weddings.. sleepovers just got crazy.

My problem is I like about a billion different things, and if I could blend nautical with art deco with sleek with eclectic with pirate-themed (think stripes and ships, not Somali pirates), I would. I also have a thing for lots of interesting and bright colors, so I can’t even imagine what I’ll do when I have to pick just one color scheme to decorate with.

These are just some of the items/crafts/decorating ideas I’ve found and loved on Pinterest.

Lots of my favorite ideas are DIY crafts:

Perfect for the book-nerd in me

Beakers made into vases

DIY typographic display


Homemade teacup candle

And others I’ve just pinned as inspiration, because I love the look or the idea:


Urban Outfitters duvet cover

Collage of frames above the bed

Two-in-one lights and picture display

Stacked trunks as a bedside table

To my friends who made their hypothetical moves into real moves, how did you decide to decorate your rooms? Any designspiration?

All images from Pinterest.


Shark Week Cupcakes

This week was Shark Week, which I’m sure you know if you have a computer and any annoying friends. My feeds have been blowing up with Shark Week statuses and tweets, from the benign “So glad it’s shark week” to the “AASRHBFKSJDFIOE OMG I’VE NEVER BEEN MORE EXCITED FOR A SHARK WEEK EVER.”

I’m a definite fan of Shark Week, but I have to say it was a bit of a letdown after the Olympics. I needed to boost my spirits P.O.G. (post-Olympic Games), so I decided to get into the Shark Week spirit. I was inspired by a trip to Michael’s during which I bought an array of cake decorating toys, including piping bags, tips, gum paste and fun cupcake liners. I geek out on craft supplies, so it was a pretty great trip for me.

I put my new toys to good use by making Shark Week Cupcakes. They weren’t the most beautiful cupcakes a person has ever made, but I was pretty proud of myself. I used buttercream frosting dyed blue and then made the fins from gum paste (I was too lazy to make my own modeling chocolate).

Shark Week Cupcakes

Mostly I was playing around with my piping bag and the weirdo silver cake spray I got.

Shark in smooth water..


..and a shark beasting his way through choppy water

The gum past wasn’t supremely executed but all the knives were in the wash and so I cut the pieces with a fork.. I did, however, spray a couple of shark fins silver just because they looked more badass that way.

Silver shark, duh

Needless to say I spent last night eating shark fin adorned cupcakes while watching Shark Men. My plans for tonight probably look pretty similar, since I’ve got a DVR full of Great White shows. I could see Shark Week Snacks becoming a new tradition, with a new attempt every year.

If you still haven’t gotten your shark week fix I suggest some shark attack cupcakes to remedy that (you can even ditch the fins and just have aquatic cupcakes, or, what I like to call “not in danger at all” cupcakes). Kick back, watch Jaws. Or Sharktopus. Either one is valid.

My last suggestion is that you a look at all of these pictures of sharks combined with other animals. You wont regret it.

The lesser-known Bear Shark

Have a wonderful weekend and, as Tracy Jordan once said, live every week like it’s shark week.