October Work Lust

Now that I’m a working woman (erm, kind of) my sprees of online shopping feel way more justified. It doesn’t hurt that my job is online shopping and fashion related. In particular I’ve been looking for work clothes, although let’s be honest I work at a start up so “work clothes” is just veiled language for “clothes I wantz.”

As October rolls in and it’s officially fall I’ve been struck by major Fall Clothing Lust. It’s a thing, look it up. The following (burgundy heavy) choices have made their way to the top of my list, and they’re all totally work appropriate, even if you don’t work somewhere where a sheer shirt and jeans is legit. (All images click through to the original source)

1.) Printed Nanette Lepore Top

Nanette Lepore Seek Your Fortune Silk Top

I seriously love a good print, in an unhealthy way (you may have noticed). I’ve bought some great printed pants and several funky tops in the past month, but this one just calls to me. “Molly… You want me…You need me…” Just like that. Funny how necessities like conditioner or an ironing board never call to me that way.

2.) Trina Turk Plum Pants

Trina Turk Tony Twill Pant in Plum

As I mentioned, the burgundies and crimsons of fall have not-so-stealthily crept into my wardrobe. These in particular have such an old-school Katherine Hepburn feel to them. They’d be perfect October work attire with a simple blouse and structured bag. And speaking of structured bags…

3.) Jewel-Toned Structured Bag

Rebecca Minkoff “ILY” Leather Tote in Lipstick

Marc by Marc Jacobs Too Hot to Handle Tote in Cardamom

Okay so at this point I know I could be reading out of the September issue of any fashion magazine, but I can’t help it, I wants what I wants. I’ve fallen head over heels for this trend, and am looking for a good structured bag to replace my far too-summery tote that I’ve been using. I love the structure of the Rebecca Minkoff, but the cardamom Marc Jacobs bag is just such a great fall into winter color.  I feel like with one of these bags I might even look like a grown up. But let’s not push our luck.

4.) Chinese Laundry Pumps

Chinese Laundry Danger Zone Pumps in Nude

I love shoes. Like… a lot. And right now my entire collection of shoes is across the country in a small guest bedroom, cramped under the bed. In the meantime I wear the same pair of black flats to work every days since I only have 3 pairs with me here. My poor shoes (I hear them crying for me at night). So while I wait for Thanksgiving when me and my babies will be reunited and I can ship them to the West Coast to be with mommy (I’m sick, it’s a disease), I’ve been eying fabulous shoes to “enrich” my collection. I love these because they’re totally functional heels for work, but the cap toe makes them a little flashier than your standard pointy-toe pump. In short: I dig em.

5.) Faux-Leather Burgundy Skirt

The Limited’s Faux-Leather Pencil Skirt in Burgundy

Noticing the color trend yet? I swear I have my sights set on other colors, I just can’t help but love the burgundy. But I do love all the leather that’s around this fall. I love it even more when it’s faux leather and no baby cows had to be skinned for my fashion. Just a personal preference. Throw on a cream colored top and some fierce pumps with this skirt and you’re good to go.

So what fall trends have you been lusting after? Now that I’m on this online shopping kick I’ve loved looking up which fall outfits other people are into. Although with the current weather in San Francisco and our Indian Summer I’m starting to doubt whether I’ll need fall clothes anytime soon. What is this place I’ve come to!?

(All images click through to the original source)


My September Five

So it’s happened. September is upon us, and with it the onslaught of Fall-themed magazines and sales at stores. I happen to love September since it still feels like summer, but you start to get a hint of fall. Plus the fact that it’s my birthday month doesn’t hurt.

In honor of September, I shopped a ton while I was in Philly this weekend (is that a thing? can you shop “in honor of” a month?). It was so great to see friends again, since I’m a little bit going crazy at home, and obviously the perfect thing to do when seeing friends is to shop for things you don’t need. To be fair, I did buy a lot of things that I could wear to my hypothetical future job that doesn’t exist yet. And some items that are a little more difficult to justify (oh hay, apron from Anthropologie).

All that shopping got me to thinking about the things I want most this September, so I’ve put together my September Five, the five things I’m particularly lusting after right now.

1.) A great watch

Right: Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Watch; Left: Nixon’s Kensington Leather Watch

This is one of those things you can try to justify by calling it a “back-to-school” purchase, because everyone needs a several hundred dollar watch to kick off the school year. Alas, I’m no longer in the land of back-to-school purchases, so I’m just pining after watches because, well, they’re pretty and they like me (they told me so). The Marc by Marc Jacobs watch is nice because it’s got some heft but isn’t so big that it would overwhelm my arm, but I really like the leather on the Nixon watch.

2.) Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer

Silence & Noise Boyfriend Blazer in Grey

For the non-working of us who don’t understand the concept of a blazer as a component of a suit, blazers are perfect for throwing over summer dresses to make them a little more “early fall.” I like the slightly textured feel to this one, and the gray is a nice change since I tend towards black blazers.

3.) Anthropologie Graphic Begonia Shirt Dress

Anthropologie Graphic Begonia Shirt Dress

Come fall I love finding dresses that work with and without tights to make the summer-fall transition with. I love the colorful, playful print on this one, and shirt dresses are great since they work well spring through fall, depending on what you pair them with.

4.) J Brand Brocade Skinny Jeans

J Brand Brocade Skinny Jeans

I was torn on this trend at first, but the more I see the brocade jeans the more I like them. In general, I’m loving the brocades and patterns that are in this fall, as well as the abundance of burgundy, white and gold.

5.) Yoga Mat

PROlite Yoga Mat

I’ve been looking out for a good yoga mat and for some reason this month has got me itching for one. This mat is a little on the expensive side at $72, but I need good cushioning for my old lady knees, and this one is less heavy than other joint cushioning mats.

Alas, I probably need a job before I can dig into my 5, but that’s neither here nor there. Any other lust-worthy September items?

Olympic Weekend Essentials

The 12-year-old girl in me still wants to grow up to be her

I admit it, I’ve been infected with Olympic Fever. Not having a job makes this a lot easier, since I can pretty much watch every event. Yesterday I sat and watched Women’s Judo because, well, why not? I’ve discovered within me a strange ability to care about white water kayaking, and my love of watching gymnastics and love of watching water sports have met in the middle at synchronized diving. In short, the Olympics are awesome.

And, yes, I’m one of those people who whine about the NBC coverage (they didn’t even show the Russians on the podium getting bronze and silver in the women’s gymnastics all-around, panning right to Gabby Douglas). But I also play right into their hand by watching all four hours of prime time coverage.

So in honor of the Olympics I’m doing an extended roundup of Olympic-related Weekend Essentials.

Get your national pride on this weekend


The Olympics, silly! Although, if you’re feeling NBC fatigue you can extend that Olympic spirit with a little movie break–Miracle, anyone? There’s no way you can watch Miracle and not get wrapped up in a little bit of USA chanting. Or, if you’re pressed for time, just watch this forever adorable video of the little boy reenacting the Herb Brooks Miracle speech.


There is no lack of Olympic coverage to read, but in my opinion the Grantland articles have been great. Check out this piece by Brian Phillips on Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics. It’s an entertaining read, but also raises some interesting points about issues around the sport, including gender and intensity. He notes that it’s often the female sports that are relegated to the “It’s not a sport” category (e.g. rhythmic gymnastics), despite the fact that they require extraordinary skill and athleticism.



There are a lot of options here. The most obvious, of course, is to eat Olympic-themed food. Check out Six Sisters’ Stuff for a great roundup of various Olympic snacks, from Olympic ring cookies and donuts to Olympic torch cupcakes.

Snacking in style

If you’re not particularly interested in baking Olympic goodies, there’s always the pretend-you’re-in-London route. Eat fish and chips and drink a cold beer (or cider if you’re me). This also gives you the opportunity to go to a pub or sports bar where you can be surrounded by aggressive amounts of Olympic spirit.

Grease in its finest form


Pretty much your only option here is to listen to the Chariot’s of Fire song on repeat. Ideally you’d run down a beach while listening, but you can substitute pretty much any slow-motion action and be fine.

If you’re trying to get into Olympic shape, however, you can check out these workout playlists from Women’s Health. I spent half of last night making some workout playlists of my own since mine were a little tired, and they actually have me a little tiny bit excited to work out (but not that much..).


I highly recommend getting your Olympic sparkle on in a gold, silver or bronze dress that is wholly inappropriate for summer. Topshop can deck you out out in this entirely sequined dress that has the benefit of being the color of a medal with the pizazz of a gymnast’s hair glitter.

Be the medal

As with food, however, you’re not without options. Getting into the Olympic style here in the States might require more patriotic apparel.


My personal favorite approach, however, is to watch the Olympics casually in this Vivienne Westwood Union Jack gown, paying tribute to England and the London Olympic Games. Nothing screams “sports fan” like a floor length gown.

With all the money saved not going to the Olympics it makes sense to spend $3800 on this dress


While you’re watching you may just want to support athleticism in general, forgoing national pride. In that case, Ashish has the sweatshirt for you. And while you’re at it you may want to check out the nail art of Olympic swimmers. I know that personally this option (wearing a sweatshirt and painting my nails while watching the Olympics) is the most likely plan for my weekend.

No need to pick sides with this look

I apologize for the excessive amount of Olympics-related links you were just inundated. Can you tell I’ve gotten a little to into it? #TeamGabby

Go forth and get into the spirit Or don’t.. whatever..

(Image sources: Gabby Douglas, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Olympic ring cookies, Fish and Chips, Clothing images from associated links)

Date Night Looks

Pardon me while I give a lengthy introduction to my fashion-based post. Last night when the boy got back from a few days at a retreat we got to spend a good chunk of time together. Naturally, I cooked. It’s so much more fun to cook for someone else, especially when that someone has the appetite of a small blue whale (krill on krill on krill). Wanting to try something I hadn’t made before, I searched for some homemade gnocchi recipes. I was pretty focused on not majorly effing anything up, so I didn’t take many pictures, but all in all I’d say it wasn’t a total failure. I made ricotta gnocchi in a sage brown butter sauce and turkey meatballs. Maybe not the most cohesive meal ever but I didn’t get a lot of complaints.

For the gnocchi I loosely followed two recipes from The Kitchn and Italian Food Forever. Making ricotta gnocchi was much easier than potato gnocchi, but still requires some precision. I’d say next time (and there will be a next time when it comes to me and gnocchi) I’d be more judicious in my flour use and try to find an even more flavorful sauce. If you’re pressed for time though the brown butter sage sauce was delicious and easy. After boiling the gnocchi I quickly sauteed them in the sauce so they’d soak up all that flavor. I also left a few plain so that Patrick could opt out of the buttery goodness in favor of red sauce.

The meatballs were made from this Turkey Ricotta Meatballs recipe originally found in Cooking Light. Patrick’s only complaint was that they could use some more seasoning, and I agree. I’d definitely say add more basil, salt & pepper than you think you need, or incorporate whichever seasonings you like in your meatballs.

I did manage to get this picture of the aftermath..

So while our “date night” involved food and curling up for a few episodes of Breaking Bad, a more adventurous date night (i.e. ones in which you leave the house) might require more of a cute look. I thought I’d post a few cute outfits I’ve been eyeing. As always, the images link through to where you can buy them.

Looking for a cute, simple dress? I  love the way this Elizabeth and James dress fancies up a simple silhouette with a metallic shimmer. This would be perfect for a nice dinner and then going out after, perhaps dancing if you’re lucky enough to date someone who dances.

Elizabeth and James Tank Dress

Looking for a little more pizazz? I love this Free People beaded dress. The beading makes it feel very twenties, but the tie dye makes it feel a little more low key. And the hemline and bit of mesh let you show a little skin without feeling like you’re too on display.

Free People Beaded Dress

Of course if you’re like me and jeans are a pretty major staple in your wardrobe, or if you’re going somewhere a little more laid back, pair your jeans and heels with a cute jacket. I’m absolutely in love with this Rebecca Minkoff jacket, and it would be perfect once the summer starts to cool down. Or if you’re in San Francisco like me, perfect all summer. Yes.. I’m going to continue to gripe about the weird San Francisco weather for a long time.

Rebecca Minkoff Becky Printed Jacket

As for jewelry? I’ve recently been on a gold kick, lusting after all sorts of pretty gold jewelry. Strange, since I’ve almost always been a strictly silver girl. Try a big gold bracelet, or maybe go fashion functional with a gorgeous watch.

Jules Smith Bracelet

Sarah Designs All Chain Wrap Watch

And if you’re like me and choose to stay in and cook, there’s always the “sassy apron” route.

The Joy of Ex Foundation’s Kitchen Dancing Apron

So, do you have any good date night looks? I’m always in the mood for a little hypothetical date night shopping with my imaginary money.

San Francisco Style

My current view as I write this

You know those days where you have the perfect outfit planned out and in your head you see yourself strutting the street as heads turn? Okay so maybe that last part is just me, but you know what I mean. And then you know those days where you pull out the shorts for your oh-so-great outfit and realize that during your flight nail polish spilled all over them? Dreams shattered, cute outfit flying out the window, the works.

Well lucky for me when I pulled out my nail-polish covered shorts I remembered an important detail: I’m in San Francisco, and I can wear whatever I want. Summer style be damned, I would wear whatever I wanted. A lot of people knock the Bay Area for being decidedly untrendy and its inhabitants for being unfashionable flannel-wearing granola freaks. What I love about San Francisco though is that everyone seems to be wearing exactly what they want to wear. I wont lie, my heart belongs to New York and London, both of which I’d place above SF on the fashion hierarchy. But the many people who are fashionable here in SF always seem to be effortlessly so.

Side note: my other favorite thing about San Francisco fashion is that on any given day you have people dressed like it’s the desert, like it’s the dead of winter, and everything in between. Awkwardly mild/cloudy weather will do that to you.

In the end I opted for a more temperature appropriate sweater and met Patrick for lunch downtown, which gave me a chance to wander around a little bit. I love exploring whatever city I’m in, and the walk was just what I needed. The 25 minute wait for the bus.. not so much.

Walking around downtown

In honor of San Francisco style and the fact that it got me off the hook when my outfit fell through, I thought I’d just post about a couple of my favorite San Francisco fashion blogs. They’re definitely worth checking out.

1.) Calivintage: Erin at Calivintage lives in the Bay Area and rocks one of the most tried and true San Francisco looks: vintage. She’s got a very quirky style and her pictures always seem to capture a decidedly Bay Area look.

Erin from Calivintage

2.) Going West: Jennie is a non-native who wound up in California and I love her look. She mixes a little bit of edge (black, leather, etc) with more classic pieces for a very defined style.

Jennie from Going West

3.) Britt + Whit: I feel like Britt and Whit who write this blog embody the “I’ll wear what I want” vibe that I love about San Francisco. They definitely keep up with trends, but they wear them in their own way. Plus I love the fact that you get two different people’s style on the same blog. I’m all about consolidating the amount of blogs I check.

Britt + Whit

All three blogs are definitely worth checking out for a taste of San Francisco style. Or better yet, just come to the area and see for yourself.

Mess Conquered, and Weekend Essentials

Mess organized!

I conquered the mess!! My boxes have found a home, my clothes have drawers and hangers and I organized my nail polish by color. So the essentials are taken care of. It feels nice to be settled into my room, and gave me time to focus on things like GRE flashcards and working on my current sketchbook.

Look Ma, folded and everything!

I did, however, notice one thing when I was going through my closet: when I like a color I really like it. There’s a difference between realizing you like certain styles (bright colors and vibrant prints mixed with black) and realizing your wardrobe is shockingly dominated by two color schemes.

I may need to stop buying clothes in the same shade of blue…

Smurf city bitch, smurf smurf city bitch

…and I may need to branch out of the pink/magenta family for dresses.

Pink on pink on pink

Erm, yeah, I’ll work on that.

Now that my life feels a bit more organized, I’m heading to Maine for the weekend to relax, swim, canoe, kayak and undoubtedly eat my face off. I leave you with my weekend essentials.

Kick off your weekend


Trailer Park Boys. It’s a Canadian mockumentary TV show about a group of people living in a trailer park. I watched most of the series one weekend visiting Patrick and laughed my ass off. I just now finished the rest of the series since it’s all on Netflix.


This fem-tastic article about the heartbreak of a 10-year-old girl thinking she’s fat.

Also, Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. I picked it up to reread today and it tugged (as it always does) at my animal-loving heartstrings. If you’ve ever loved a dog with all your heart you must read this very, very short book. If you’ve never loved a dog with all your heart then that’s a real bummer.


Another warm weekend calls for very little cooking and this SkinnyTaste.com recipe for Asian Ginger Carrot Dressing would make for an easy, cool salad.


De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising. It’s impossible to listen to this CD and not enjoy yourself while you’re listening. I have a particular weakness for Eye Know and Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin’s Revenge).


I’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and fallen in love with this turquoise necklace from J Crew. Fun for summer, plus you can tell your friends you’re so on trend.

Beach Wish List

Summer is smiting us all for daring to say that anything before the solstice counted as summertime. It was 95 out last I checked, and 95 feels particularly bad when your car has a black leather interior and a broken air conditioner. I was basically sticking to my seat and trying to drive with my head out the window.

That said, the warm weather does mean some good news for us in the Ocean State: beach season. Nothing I love quite as much as baking in the sun until you can’t stand it any more and then diving into the freezing ocean. So in the spirit of beach season, I’ve put together my beach wishlist. Clicking any of the images will take you to the website where you can find them.

1.) Mara Hoffman underwire cami bikini: I love the bright and fun pattern, and a cami top gives a little bit more coverage. Plus I like to think the pattern will confuse the seagulls. I was traumatized by a rogue seagull who stole my lunchables pizza once, so naturally we don’t get along.

2.) 6 Shore Road one piece: I’ve been looking for a good one one-piece since they’re so great for swimming (and hiding last night’s food baby) and I love the way this one has the slightly less fitted top and the sleek bottom. Sadly I’m not sure it would be very flattering on my body, but it’s like that guy you date who all your friends say is bad news and secretly you know he’s bad news but he’s cute and you wanna date him anyway–ignore your instincts and wear it (er, him?) anyway.

3.) Roberta Roller Rabbit Coral Coverup: As someone who burns like crazy I always have to have something to put on when I get red, It’s perfect that this coverup has longer sleeves for those of us who will burn and will spend the next few days picking at the burnt skin. Coral is so great for summer, plus the silver trim jazzes it up a little.

4.) Big Floppy Beach Hat: I’ve been dying for an oversized hat to wear to the beach. They’re very Faye Dunaway meets Kentucky Derby meets nesting grounds for local birds. Naturally I couldn’t settle on just one. I love how absurdly large the black Jessica Simpson one is, but I also love white in the summer, hence the Echo hat.

Echo Braided Floppy Hat in White

5.) J Crew Beach Bag: I’m usually attracted to anything with bright colors and bold patterns, but this feels like a bag I could get a lot of mileage from. It’s got a nautical feel and the rope handles make it beach-perfect. Plus I could definitely fit in 5 or 6 different kinds of snacks and not look fat to the naked eye; you’d have to dig down to the bottom to hit my stash of snickers and Orangina.

6.) Calypso Beach Blanket: I usually just lie out on a towel but I’ve been searching for a good beach blanket. I can’t stand when your towel gets sandy on the ground and then you have to dry off with it and then you get sandy and then your blanket is still sandy when you lie down and somehow three days later there’s still sand everywhere. Enter beach blanket. This blanket is cute and looks big enough to fit a couple of people lying out.

It may not win for most cohesive list, but everything falls under the category of “I want I want I want.” The next step is clearly me photoshopping a picture of me with all these things on.

Of course there’s all the other beach essentials I didn’t include: water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, book, magazines. I recommend getting one of the Brita self-filtering water bottles ’cause they filter the taste on the go. Ice water is my best friend on days like today.

I’ll be spending the rest of the day darting from air conditioned room to air conditioned room. Stay cool!