My iPhone: A Love/Hate Relationship

My friend and foe


Dear iPhone,

This is hard for me to write, because you’ve done so much for me. What I’m about to say, however, needs to be said.

I’ve learned in life you always begin and end with a pro, so let me start by admitting how much easier you make some parts of my life. You wake me when I need to be woken and play me white noise when I need to sleep. You give me daily reminders to take my vitamins. You let me have the score of the game I’m missing right at my fingertips. Just the other day I used an assortment of your features to navigate the daunting bus system of San Francisco.

For all of that, I am grateful.

But I’ve got a bone to pick with you. I keep forgetting about emails that I got from a random family member because I get them while I’m busy doing practice GRE tests. I keep neglecting that friend who facebook messaged me because her message came while I was out to dinner. I’ve forgetten important tasks because your reminder switched times when I traveled across time zones.

I know, I know, you’re just going to tell me I shouldn’t open those messages until I have time to take care of them. Which brings me to my second point: stop taunting me with the red notifications! You know I’m a little type-A, and you know I’m going to open every single app until I figure out how to make all the red dots go away. In fact I’m struggling to finish this letter right now because there’s number 1 encased in a red circle daring me to vanquish it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for all the ways you help me. But it seems rather silly that I have to make a reminder on my phone to remind myself to look at an email that I opened just because my phone buzzed and I had to.

Don’t look at me that way. You’re the one with the problems, not me.

Okay maybe it’s me.

I know I said I’d end on a positive so I’ll stay true to my word. I appreciate the fact that you let me stay in touch with the boyf across the country, with my parents when I’m a little scatter brained, with my friends via group chat. It’s all very kind of you.

Luckily for you I’ve got another year before I will formally reassess our relationship. Until then, I sincerely hope you think about what I’ve said, and maybe work on the whole battery draining situation.



(Image source:


San Francisco Style

My current view as I write this

You know those days where you have the perfect outfit planned out and in your head you see yourself strutting the street as heads turn? Okay so maybe that last part is just me, but you know what I mean. And then you know those days where you pull out the shorts for your oh-so-great outfit and realize that during your flight nail polish spilled all over them? Dreams shattered, cute outfit flying out the window, the works.

Well lucky for me when I pulled out my nail-polish covered shorts I remembered an important detail: I’m in San Francisco, and I can wear whatever I want. Summer style be damned, I would wear whatever I wanted. A lot of people knock the Bay Area for being decidedly untrendy and its inhabitants for being unfashionable flannel-wearing granola freaks. What I love about San Francisco though is that everyone seems to be wearing exactly what they want to wear. I wont lie, my heart belongs to New York and London, both of which I’d place above SF on the fashion hierarchy. But the many people who are fashionable here in SF always seem to be effortlessly so.

Side note: my other favorite thing about San Francisco fashion is that on any given day you have people dressed like it’s the desert, like it’s the dead of winter, and everything in between. Awkwardly mild/cloudy weather will do that to you.

In the end I opted for a more temperature appropriate sweater and met Patrick for lunch downtown, which gave me a chance to wander around a little bit. I love exploring whatever city I’m in, and the walk was just what I needed. The 25 minute wait for the bus.. not so much.

Walking around downtown

In honor of San Francisco style and the fact that it got me off the hook when my outfit fell through, I thought I’d just post about a couple of my favorite San Francisco fashion blogs. They’re definitely worth checking out.

1.) Calivintage: Erin at Calivintage lives in the Bay Area and rocks one of the most tried and true San Francisco looks: vintage. She’s got a very quirky style and her pictures always seem to capture a decidedly Bay Area look.

Erin from Calivintage

2.) Going West: Jennie is a non-native who wound up in California and I love her look. She mixes a little bit of edge (black, leather, etc) with more classic pieces for a very defined style.

Jennie from Going West

3.) Britt + Whit: I feel like Britt and Whit who write this blog embody the “I’ll wear what I want” vibe that I love about San Francisco. They definitely keep up with trends, but they wear them in their own way. Plus I love the fact that you get two different people’s style on the same blog. I’m all about consolidating the amount of blogs I check.

Britt + Whit

All three blogs are definitely worth checking out for a taste of San Francisco style. Or better yet, just come to the area and see for yourself.

Nora Ephron: Embrace Mess & Make Trouble

A week or so ago when Nora Ephron’s death was the main headline, a number of blogs and news sources posted her 1996 commencement speech at Wellseley. I hadn’t heard it before, but naturally I was drawn to it since she’s a fellow “mess” advocate:

What are you going to do? Everything, is my guess. It will be a little messy, but embrace the mess. It will be complicated, but rejoice in the complications. It will not be anything like what you think it will be like, but surprises are good for you. And don’t be frightened: you can always change your mind.

This post comes a week late, but I needed some time to digest her speech. I spent some time dwelling on her words, thinking about which parts resonated with me most. The more I considered her speech, the more I realized how important her advice to women is, even 16 years later. I could sit here and go on feminist-yes, that awful f-word, feminist-rants about the continued anti-women undercurrent in popular culture. I could rant for days about the frustrating legislation that keeps getting proposed and seems to undeniably target women (or, more specifically, poor women). I could point you to Killing Us Softly, a video by Jean Kilbourne about how advertising depicts women. But the question remains: what are you going to do?

Ephron pointed out that women can’t rest on the excuse anymore that no one is giving them options. Sure, there are still people who want to make it hard and have certain ideas about what woman “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing. But they, quite frankly, are assholes. There’s no longer the expectation that you will only “marry” greatness. There’s an expectation you will be great. Work hard, defy odds, be great. Those are the lessons all the best women in my life have taught me, and the ones Ephron endorsed.

One quote in particular stuck out to me, mostly because I cringe every time someone says I’m “unladylike”.

Whatever you choose, however many roads you travel, I hope that you choose not to be a lady. I hope you will find some way to break the rules and make a little trouble out there. And I also hope that you will choose to make some of that trouble on behalf of women.

Freshman year a particularly self-important guy first told me that the way I spoke wasn’t ladylike. Another delightfully forward thinking college student told me I should keep my legs and mouth closed if I wanted anyone to see me as a lady. Hell, there are girls in my sorority who would use the phrase “not ladylike” to describe girls they didn’t like. But if being a lady means following arbitrary rules and cleaning up messes, well I think I’ll stick with being a woman. For Ephron and all the other badass women out there, I hope I break the rules and make a little trouble. And to the boys who told me to shut my legs and shut my mouth, I hope your daughters join me in my rule-breaking trouble-making someday.

Mess Conquered, and Weekend Essentials

Mess organized!

I conquered the mess!! My boxes have found a home, my clothes have drawers and hangers and I organized my nail polish by color. So the essentials are taken care of. It feels nice to be settled into my room, and gave me time to focus on things like GRE flashcards and working on my current sketchbook.

Look Ma, folded and everything!

I did, however, notice one thing when I was going through my closet: when I like a color I really like it. There’s a difference between realizing you like certain styles (bright colors and vibrant prints mixed with black) and realizing your wardrobe is shockingly dominated by two color schemes.

I may need to stop buying clothes in the same shade of blue…

Smurf city bitch, smurf smurf city bitch

…and I may need to branch out of the pink/magenta family for dresses.

Pink on pink on pink

Erm, yeah, I’ll work on that.

Now that my life feels a bit more organized, I’m heading to Maine for the weekend to relax, swim, canoe, kayak and undoubtedly eat my face off. I leave you with my weekend essentials.

Kick off your weekend


Trailer Park Boys. It’s a Canadian mockumentary TV show about a group of people living in a trailer park. I watched most of the series one weekend visiting Patrick and laughed my ass off. I just now finished the rest of the series since it’s all on Netflix.


This fem-tastic article about the heartbreak of a 10-year-old girl thinking she’s fat.

Also, Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. I picked it up to reread today and it tugged (as it always does) at my animal-loving heartstrings. If you’ve ever loved a dog with all your heart you must read this very, very short book. If you’ve never loved a dog with all your heart then that’s a real bummer.


Another warm weekend calls for very little cooking and this recipe for Asian Ginger Carrot Dressing would make for an easy, cool salad.


De La Soul’s 3 Feet High and Rising. It’s impossible to listen to this CD and not enjoy yourself while you’re listening. I have a particular weakness for Eye Know and Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin’s Revenge).


I’ve jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and fallen in love with this turquoise necklace from J Crew. Fun for summer, plus you can tell your friends you’re so on trend.

Things That Are A Mess: Everything I Own

‘Cause instagram makes everything look better..

I wanted mess? I got it. What started as a simple quest to find my colored pencils ended in the realization that my life is, quite literally, a mess. Not that this is a surprise to those who know me, but the mess has reached an unbearable level. My clothes are all in garbage bags, my things are in boxes and bags, and I’m living out of a suitcase. Half my stuff is still in the garage and I just found out some of my boxes are soaking wet. I keep picturing bugs making their way into the bags of clothes and then having to put my entire wardrobe in the laundry. I hate laundry.

So I set out on a mission: today, I will conquer the mess.

Clothes mid-organization

My hope is this can be a “before” post, and that by tomorrow I’ll have all my summer clothes sorted from my winter clothes (packed back in bags and boxes), and that I’ll have some sort of system for finding my things. This is complicated by the fact that I don’t want to completely unpack everything, but I’m a resourceful girl. I will find a place for all my books! I will find a spot for my banjo and my art supplies! I miiiight find a place for my shoes (I’m a realist–I got a lot of shoes).

Updates on my progress to come. I know you’ll be sitting on the edge of your seat.

On the cleaning playlist? 

  • Gossip – Heavy Cross (love Beth Ditto’s voice)
  • Black Keys – Run Right Back
  • Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks
  • Deer Tick – Diamond Rings 2007 (I’m feeling sorry for myself that I wont be going to the Newport Folk Festival this year, and therefore will be missing seeing Deer Tick and a lot of other great artists)