Blue Plaid Pants Happy

In 7th grade I had the perfect pair of blue plaid pants. They looked more than a little like pajama pants and were most frequently worn with a bright orange sweater. The fact that they’re not listed in some online repository of “Ugliest Abercrombie Clothing” is a wonder to me. But wearing those bell bottoms (oh I didn’t mention that?) was worth putting up with the inevitable mocking I’d get from boys in school. They just made me happy.

Those pants were the first of many things that I embraced in spite of them being ugly, or tacky, or silly to other people. And I’ve made it a habit ever since to surround myself with things that make me feel as unstoppable and happy as the blue plaid pants did. Neon sneakers? Yes please. A shirt with zebras on it? I’ll take two. Bad photoshop and stupid flan puns? Keep ’em coming, I’m on top of the world.

It’s just worth keeping those types of things around, because who am I appeasing by denying myself tiny, concentrated bursts of happiness.

And what’s making me plaid pants happy at this particular stage in my life?

The Sock Collection

My mother gives me socks on a fairly regular basis, but there are a few pairs that are so on point I just can’t have a bad day when I’m wearing them. They’re my version of Calvin’s lucky rocketship underwear.

"Carpe the fuck out of this diem"

“Carpe the fuck out of this diem”



Not pictured: “You’re not the boss of me” socks, sushi socks

You can imagine my elation when I went on a first date a few months ago and my date was wearing socks with bears on them. Needless to say, we’re still dating.

The Twitter Mug

"im just super neurotically committed to seeming Chill As Hell"

“im just super neurotically committed to seeming Chill As Hell”

The inspiration for the first Twitter mug, a gift to my brother, was the cackle of laughter he let loose when remembering a particularly funny series of tweets from a friend (as seen here). Will and I both find silly internet things supremely funny, so I put the tweets on mugs for him.

Just having given the mugs as gifts made me incomparably happy, so I decided I needed a tweet mug of my very own. Preferring one that spoke to my very essence as a human being, I got a @wutangcher original put on a mug: “im just super neurotically committed to seeming Chill As Hell.”

Filled with coffee and paired with my deep-seated anxiety, it really completes my morning look.

The Clock

In a bit of sibling serendipity, my brother’s gift to me the same year was the most internet clock that’s ever existed. It’s actually a really awesome piece by Nate James (@artbynatejames), featuring none other than Superbowl Comeback Queen Missy Elliott standing alongside Aaliyah, with a crying Allen Iverson, and Jesus for good measure. This is one stellar religious-imagery-meets-pop-culture confection.

Missy Elliott & Aaliyah Clock

I realize it may not be the clock for everyone’s bedroom, but it makes me so happy to hang on my wall. And that’s the point of these types of joy-inducing objects: they don’t have to mean shit to anyone else.

I’m not asking you to wear the plaid pants, but I’m not asking your permission either.

So go forth, surround yourself with inexplicable things that make you grin-bustingly happy.


The Lebron James of Filibustering

I was going to do a “whoops-haven’t-blogged-in-a-while” update on my life, or the city, or curried rice with shrimp, or Yeezus, or any number of important topics. But then… Wendy Davis.

For those of you who haven’t been obsessively following this for the past 4 hours (or 9 hours, or days), Senator Wendy Davis spent her day filibustering the SB 5 bill in Texas that would severely limit women’s access to safe abortions and restrict women’s health care access. She stood on the Senate floor speaking out against the bill and reading testimony from women about their own experiences with reproductive freedoms. She wasn’t allowed to leave for a bathroom break or lean on anything. Yes ladies and gentlemen, she did not pee for 13 hours.

And suddenly my day seems a hell of a lot easier.

The updated Wikipedia page for Wendy Davis

The updated Wikipedia page for Wendy Davis

Coming from the liberal haven of Providence I didn’t ever have to explain to people that my body was my own and if you want in on my medical decisions, well, tough cookies. I didn’t have to worry about whether I would have access to women’s health care.  Today our girl Wendy stood up for women who aren’t so fortunate. You don’t have to agree with her politics to see that what she’s doing is totally badass.

Women are silenced all the time, and it is so easy to let that silence go unnoticed. Rape culture silences women. Gaslighting silences women. Restricting women’s health options silences women. Hell, women silence other women. To see a female politician refuse the silence and take a stand for women’s rights is pretty inspiring.

There’s something to be said for kick-ass women taking a stand.

And when it comes right down to it, that’s the best return to blogging I can make. Because the past few months have been all about kick-ass women. I am fortunate enough to work for a company that values and celebrates women, and for a CEO who understands how much kick-ass women can achieve. I had the pleasure of celebrating a very exciting birthday with my kick-ass mother (I wont out your age on the internet, Mom, I promise). Her birthday celebrations were filled with people reminding me how rare women like her are.

And today, Wendy Davis.


(There is a whole lot more to write about the democratic process and the badassness involved here, but that’s for another day. It’s 9:57pm PT the crowd is still cheering, trying to prevent the vote.)


(As of 10:12pm PT it’s unclear whether a vote happened, or if it made it in before midnight central time. It is, however, clear that Wendy is still kickass)

(10:23pm PT: Allegedly a vote took place before midnight and the bill passed. In the tweets of @JamilSmith, “Oh, so THIS is what voter fraud looks like?”)